Monday, November 7, 2011

Sarawak River Cruise

Last Thursday, my company Hilton had organized a team members' outing to Sarawak River Cruise for us to have fun and relaxing night. I do joined the outing since I am one of the organizer too. Can't believe it? Yup, that's true even I am new in the Hilton. I like kind of this outing ^.^

There was two sessions for the cruise on 5.30pm and 7.30pm. Hilton chose 7.30pm as it won't be rush for us while we have a time to adorn ourselves in Hawaiian dressing. I'm wore a black singlet and flowery short pant because I don't have a Hawaiian dress. I think I should buy one!! I took the cruise photo when it was on the way back from 5.30 session. It took two hours for the cruise to go around the river view of Cat City.

Here are my favorite colleagues. We are six in group but two of them not with us during the cruise trip.

The usual price for one person is RM 80 something but they gave Hilton a special price with one person RM 75 nett. It was quite expensive. It doesn't matter because everything was paid by Hilton, wakaka. The buffet dinner was simple and just like a hometown dishes.

Some fruits.....

Fresh and not cooked cucumber and long bean with sambal sauce.

My favorite corn soup with egg and carrot and orange juice.

Part of night view for Cat City.

I grabbed the chance to snap a photo with a big flower adorning my hair before we left the cruise.


LuPorTi said...

RM80 include the fare of going up the ship? Or just that buffet?

@nGeLine said...

Hi Lu,
RM 80 include the fare for buffet and cruise river view trip. Hehe. You can try when you are here, Cat city. Actually 5.30pm will be better and you can view the cat city clearly if compare to 7.30pm.