Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pete's Western

Monday was a public holiday ^.^ We decided to celebrate Ezra Kong birthday one day earlier. It might be last birthday celebration with him as he's nearly complete his degree courses and back to hometown, Sibu soon.

He is three years younger than me but he looks mature. Shh......

We chose Pete's Western and it was my very first time being here. Pete's Western located at the residential area in between the shortcut way from BDC to 101 township. Perhaps, it might be my next valentine celebration restaurant.

Although the decoration is simple without air-conditioning but it is comfortable as a gathering and celebration restaurant.

I ordered Black Pepper Chicken Chop as my dinner. Tasty and affordable price with only RM 12.00 per plate.

We bought a pair of NIKE slipper as a birthday's gift for Ezra.

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