Saturday, December 10, 2011

My first time stayed at Hilton Kuching

Last Thursday, I'm been arranged to join the inventory counting at midnight with my colleagues from 10.00p.m to 4.30a.m. It was my first time worked at midnight and I felt great. Since the outlets of Hilton were operating on day time and closed at night, therefore we only allowed to do the inventory counting at midnight and we're given a free accommodation at Hilton, one of the five stars hotel at Sarawak. Again, it was my first time stayed at Hilton even I worked in there.

They gave me a Twin Executive Room and my room number was 1230. My very first plan was drove back after finished counting. But I'm thinking not to waste the free accommodation given and decided to invite Alvin and his mum to stay in.

Twin beds

Large opening window for river views. Usually have to pay extra RM50.00 to get the river views room (if I'm not mistaken) but they gave me for free. Thank you my reservation department's colleagues.

Marble bathroom

They are using Peter Thomas Roth bath stuffs. The brand of bath stuffs are internationalization which means wherever Hilton you stay, they are using the same brand as per my colleagues.

Side mirror in the marble bathroom. I guess is specially for female make up usage as they need a nearer mirror to make up.

Massage soap

Hilton also involved in environmentally friendly projects. They are now using the recycle pen for every room accommodation. The external of the pen was made by recycle paper.

Badly, I only can enjoy the free accommodation for less than three hours. Alvin and his mum wanted to go back earlier and being forced to wake up and check out at 8a.m.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sarikei New Township

Well, I am busy chasing the Forensic Heroes III drama series since two weeks ago and put aside everything. Damn bad!! I saw the blueprint of Sarikei new township on the Facebook. It was unbelievable but it is true and the shop lots was fully booked as per Sarikeians. I am Sarikeian too as Sarikei @ pineapple town is my hometown.

Truly, I can't believe it when the first time I saw the blueprint. I'm been there for 19 years before I further my studies at Kuching. There's always a blueprint of development but it was empty at last. Sarikei is now belongs to DAP party after the Sarawak Election. Maybe because of this reason, they came out with the development blueprint for Sarikei. Hopefully they implement what they had planned.

Sarikei new township will be located at the right corner of the road. The orange color building is the highest building at Saikei and Sarikeians called it ten-storey building (十层楼).

And they are in the process to destroy the wood houses. The wood houses was belongs to government last times. I hope the plan really works. At least they do it now...^@^

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Copying Someone

It's almost end of the year and everyone are rushing to clear their annual leave now. Both of my bosses was on-leave this week and it was my turn to be my own boss. I bought a Forensic Heroes III DVD yesterday and the characters are totally different with I and II. Kate Tsui (xu zi shan) is one of the female character. She wears smartly in the movie as she is high governor police. I like her curly hair and the way she managed her front hair. So, I am copying her front hair style. Although it is a bit messy but quite pretty. I'm wondering should I try a curly hair like her for coming Chinese New Year @__@??

Her front hair style and one inch curly hair in the movie.