Thursday, November 24, 2011

Copying Someone

It's almost end of the year and everyone are rushing to clear their annual leave now. Both of my bosses was on-leave this week and it was my turn to be my own boss. I bought a Forensic Heroes III DVD yesterday and the characters are totally different with I and II. Kate Tsui (xu zi shan) is one of the female character. She wears smartly in the movie as she is high governor police. I like her curly hair and the way she managed her front hair. So, I am copying her front hair style. Although it is a bit messy but quite pretty. I'm wondering should I try a curly hair like her for coming Chinese New Year @__@??

Her front hair style and one inch curly hair in the movie.


josephinechoo said...

Ya,I love her too.She has a great sense in fashion.

Mr Lonely said...

haha.. do you mind tell why most of the girl like curly hair? cause it seems many of my friend also said that.. >.<

@nGeLine said...

Hi sister,

Yup, she looks pretty and stylish in forensic heroes III.

Mr Lonely,
Actually one to two inches curly hair is a hair trends for ladies right now.

Mr Lonely said...

i see.. haha ~