Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Update

I hate Monday!!! That's my usual criticism for Monday. But I love this weekday as it is my pay week and I will go for vacation, yippee ^^

I am hibernate during the weekend. I felt great and energetic after hibernation since I always busy with church activities.

Please don't misunderstanding, he's not my baby. He is cute and the most important is he never cried when people holding him. I'd like kind of this baby and their smells. My sister said I am now more thinner and looks prettier ^.^ Great and happy to hear the praise. I should give more effort in my diet plan.

I will go for vacation to Kuala Lumpur on Thursday even I'm being there for uncountable times. I am stress and pressure with the evil and terrible woman who sit beside me. I need to take a break to get new breath for my work. The worst is I have to take unpaid leave ==". I do plan for my leave early in the year but I din take my leave based on the plan. It's all my fault. I'm going with Alvin's parent and hopefully everything will be fine.


LuPorTi said...

Already planned which part of KL you are going to visit to?

E3r!c said...

Nice baby XD

Mr Lonely said...


Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

@nGeLine said...

Thanks Eeric and Mr Lonely ^.^

LuPorTI, I have no idea where should I bring them to as this is their very first time to KL. Maybe go to aquarium, genting and shopping around. You may suggest some places for me.

LuPorTi said...

I am not familiar with KL as well, as I am not from KL.

Anonymous said...

Ha Shu Juin.. come KL oso never tell ah... kiang pa?

Hahaha! enjoy enjoy!

Ur secret reader
GuYong a.k.a Jiurong

@nGeLine said...

Guyong a.k.a Jiurong read my blog, wakaka. Luckily I din say something bad about you, wakaka.