Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Express my dissatisfaction

How to express your dissatisfaction? I always express my dissatisfaction through anger, complaining, and criticize. Bad!!

Yesterday, I had a breakfast with Alvin before headed to my office. We ordered two bowls of kolok mee, cha kueh and two cups of coffee as our lovely breakfast. Since kolok mee is a famous food at Kuching and must try food for tourists, therefore, there are a lots of kolok mee stalls around. But not everyone is proficient in making the kolok mee. The kolok mee that we ordered was tasteless and oily. It had spoil my Monday mood.

Alvin also angry and unsatisfied but he made the things different and in other way. He marked X symblos on the top of the bowls. When we left, I heard the people around asking and discuss about the X symbols. Great and good idea!! He let them to think for their own mistakes.

Thing can be in other way, not necessarily have to confine in one way only. Instead of complaining, angry and criticizing, we can express our dissatisfaction in peaceful way. Lesson that I learnt from him.


ochikeron said...

that is a good idea!!! i liked it ;D

Angel Valerie said...

hahahaha... funny but so far my experience with kolok mee in kuching was always great!

the best would still be the one at sekama!

LuPorTi said...

Wow! That's really a brilliant idea ya!

wynonakris said...

haha! great idea! maybe next time i shud do like that too if i dislike the food.