Monday, October 10, 2011

30 Hours Famine

Last Saturday, Methodist churches organized 30 hours famine for Kuching State. And I joined the 30 hours famine with my church mates to experience the feelings of famine. Famine camp is to let the volunteers fasting for 30 hours to raise money and awareness of world hunger. Money that I raised not much, only RM 50 if compared to my friends but never mind as long as we willing to help.

We got a 30 hours famine t-shirt, booklet and name card.

I'm quiet nervous and depressed when I was in the stadium before the famine start. I felt regret at that moment. I'm kept on thinking why I am here? For what? Self-torture? And the connection was slow in the stadium while my cellphone was low battery. I might not able go through all this. I want go home. Luckily everything was going smoothly. There was station games and video watching to let us temporary forget about hunger.

Of course everything was done in full set. At night, we slept on the pieces of box without bath and cool temperature of air-conditioning. We were allowed to brush our teeth to avoid smelling breath. I do cleaned my body to avoid heat stroke.

On the second day, we woke up on 6am. We do some folk dances (土风舞). Again, watching video and drama about the world hunger to fulfill our time.

During the rest time, we grab the chance to took some photo with YB from DAP party. You might ask is that any YB in the photo~~~and my answer is YES. YB not necessary belongs to the mid age man or old man. The tallest guy in the middle with his black spectacle is a YB that I mentioned. He is only 30 something and not available anymore. He is a representative from DAP party and won the Sarawak Election last few months ago. He also a representative from church to join the political.

We still have six hours to go after the rest time. Everyone was low battery, exhausted and hungry. My butt and spine was painful as we sitting on the floor for whole camp.

Finally, 30 hours famine was almost ended. There was a countdown session starting from 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2.....1, yippee.

Everyone ran to the food counter to get their food, bread and soy milk.

Yippee, WE DID IT. I thought I cant pretend the hunger but I did it. We got a certificate for 30 hours famine.

Gratitude and appreciate what you have now, your life, your work, your family. Someone might not even have a chance to choose for the life they desire.


Mr Lonely said...

nice effort for charity~ =D

@nGeLine said...

Hi Lim,

Yup, a very good experience for me.

FJ (폐징) said...

I wanna joined that too last time... :DD

ochikeron said...

great experience :D we should have that event in japan here, too. maybe there might be if i search :D