Thursday, September 22, 2011

Public Holiday + Weekend

16 of September marked as public holiday since last year to remind us the combination of east and west Malaysia to 'One Malaysia'. Public holiday + off day + rest day = 3 free days for me to join youth fellowship to Gunung Gading. I went there before but I did something special during this trip.

I woke up and jogging early in the morning as per schedule. Well, I have a diet planning one year ago but I never work hard for it. I proud of myself because I really did it. Besides of jogging, we also dance hip hop and rock songs.

We climbed the Gading Mountain too. Gading mountain has 7th floor but it only has 3 stations for us to rest which 1st, 3rd and 7th floor. My very first plan was climbed until 1st floor.........

Snapped a photo on my way to 1st floor. Three of my friends stopped at the 1st floor while Ning Ning and I decided to climb with the group to 3rd floor. I only have fifty percent confidences when I continued my journey but once I choose, I couldn't reverse back.

Finally, Ning ning and I reached the 3rd floor of the mountain. We were proud of our self, yeah!!! Behind us is a deep waterfall and we only can take photos around.

We reversed back to the 1st floor due to the limited time for us. We are allowed to play around this time and even climb to the highest of the waterfall. My legs cramps when I reached upstair and fall down when I going down =="~~~~I'm old!!

Overall of the trip, my group (love) won the 2nd prizes ( includes drama, stations game.....). We are all doing the love action in Korean style.

On the way back, we stopped over at Lundu market to have a 'ABC' (mixture) since the weather was super duper hot.

Low battery and fall asleep in the bus.


josephinechoo said...

Wow,amazing trip you had!! You did enjoyed yourself a lots..

I'm waiting ages for you to update your blog.And finally..haha.

How you and Alvin?Doing fine there?

@nGeLine said...

Dear sister,

I'm fine and same to Alvin ^^. I change my blog's template and feel like to blog, hehe.

Mr Lonely said...

nice trip~ btw, it is what they said for the top 10 blogger gadget la.. but duno true or not~