Friday, September 23, 2011

Peaceful Friday

It is normal when there was a lot of mid-age employees in the 20 years ++ organization. And of course, same at my working place.

She is a 40++ age woman, with her long and soft hair. Her working desk just next to me, not more than 1 centimeter. She was the first person who welcome me on the first day of my industrial training at Hilton while the other just let me alone and transparency. She was my goddess in the darkness. Hey....wake up, FIRST IMPRESSION IS ALWAYS WRONG!! Everything changed when I was her colleagues.

Whisper and gossip is her superiority

Her smiling voice same as witch.

And crow personality.

The worst is my daily duties are related to her. I have to be patience..........and patience. World will only peaceful the day she on leave.

1 comment:

wynonakris said...

haha u r so funny only peace when she's on leave :P