Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stomach pain

Yesterday, my stomach pain after lunch. I thought that was a usual stomach pain and it will be release after I go to the wash room. But actually not, I still feel painful. My intestine was tied between each other. Am I food poisoning? I guess so but my sister told me that food poisoning is more on vomiting and diarrhoea. I napped after my work to reduce my pain since I do nothing and Alvin was busy with his photographing. I fall asleep until he completed his works and come to me at 10.3op.m. He brought me to a dinner and surprised that I able to finish my foods even my stomach was painful. Of course because I am hungry!!!

Finally we found out what's going on. I am heat stroke. I am now feeling well after took the Chinese traditional medicine,风痧丸. That is what Chinese always say so: 'When western medicine can't treat you well, you may go back to Chinese traditional medicine'.

Enjoy your weekend ^^