Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quality or Quantity?!

Grey Monday. Alvin and I decided to have our dinner at Pizza Hut. We seldom took our dinner outside recently to avoid oily foods while save expenditures.

I chose the Sensasi Delight Set 4 due to the cheaper price, which only RM 17 ++ ( RM 19.70 nett ). Plus Sensasi Delight Set had being took off by most of the Pizza Hut and it's hard to get it.

Now, time to talk about the quality and quantity. The pizza is more on the bread compared to the ingredients of the flavor that we chose, 'Masala Chicken Pizza' and 'Ocean Tuna'. Did you saw any tuna or chicken on the pizza? Am I having hi-tea at the bakery house? =="

Alvin is a guy who emphasizes more on quality than quantity. He started to show his unsatisfied face and forced himself to finish the pizza.

Finally, we finished them one by one and left the pizza bread.............I swear I would never greedy and attracted by the cheaper price.


ochikeron said...

yeah, when i was young, i tend to pick quantity but now i put importance on quality for any kind of food such as sweets!

josephinechoo said...

I guess you're right! Those pizza looked harder than bread and block my appetite too.

Choose wisely next time :)

@nGeLine said...

Ya, both of you are right. I learn from it ^^

Cappuccino said...

haha. alvin's expression really funny !

Mr Lonely said...

i choose quantity~ XD

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