Thursday, May 5, 2011

That's me

When I am 50% sad, depress, and down,

I will escape from all the failures by blaming others

I will speak out

But when I am 100% sad, depress and down,

I won't tell anyone

I will hide myself, of course include my boyfriend

I won't answer any coming call and reply message

The only friend is my computer

And I will cry alone at the corner!

How about you when you are sad?


ochikeron said...

When I'm 100% sad, I don't tell anyone, too! People say I have to speak to someone, but I don't want any suggestions!!!

I write on my blog after I find a solution to it or way to solve my problem...

I hope you are doing fine :D

I understand you!!!

J3an!c3 said...

angeline,be strong..

Cappuccino said...

what happen to you...
life will give u pressure and tension.

but don't forget, just give me a miscall or message, and i will be there..

cheer up !! miss u friend.

anGeLine said...

Hi Ochi,

Ya, i understand you too. I can't accept any advice when I was sad. I have to find the way out by myself.

anGeLine said...


Thank you for understand and support me.

anGeLine said...


I'm ok. Just facing some failure and pressure. But i am fine now. i will call if i can't find my way out.