Monday, April 4, 2011

Tomb Sweeping Day

On Saturday, I headed to my hometown with Alvin just to celebrate my mum's birthday which was fall on the Sunday. Tuesday will be Tomb Sweeping day and my parent decided to go one day earlier, so they invited Alvin and I to join them to the Tomb Sweeping early in th morning before we going back to Kuching.

The Tomb-Sweeping Festival is a time to pay respects to one's ancestors and to tidy their graveside. The main activity of Tomb-Sweeping Day is for the whole family, young and old, to go to the graveside of deceased family members to burn incense and perform a ritual offering, while at the same time clearing away plant overgrowth from the gravesite.

But photo shooting are not allowed in case you snap someone not belongs to this world. I just like the little girl in the picture, following my parent and kept on asking because everything are fresh for me.

My mum only sweeping the floor as my relatives had cleaned the graveside. Besides, my mum also burned the spirit money and clothes to my grandpa, and the ancestors. Actually Kristian should not burn the spirit money but as per mum, my grandpa requested to do so before he passed away.

And we pay obeisance to show our respect before we back and said goodbye to my grandpa
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ochikeron said...

hi angeline! we do something similar in japan, too but not sure in detail because those traditions are not passed down well to our generation... but yes, my mom knows well too!!! i have to learn from her someday... not to get ashamed X(

anGeLine said...

Hi Ochi,
Really? I just know about it. Thanks for telling me about this. I also don't know all those tradition and it was my first time too.

grub said...

haha i went back to Malaysia for qing ming last year and took photos...i wasn't the only one though...

it was interesting as the event was quite different to Melbourne (where i live). it was more lively? and crowded!! and had bonfires for offerings!