Thursday, March 24, 2011

Go Bald

On Tuesday, Hilton had organized 'Go Bald' campaign to support and understanding of the ordeal of a child with cancer and undergoes by shaving the hair.

Both of the handsome guy and pretty girl with the long hair decided to shave their hair. The man had kept his hair for four years and it was his village tradition to keep long hair as per him. And the woman was so brave and represent girls to shave the hair. I don't dare to do so ==

I have no idea about her expression. She felt painful, or heavy-hearted for her hair?

Well, she looked pretty and sporting with bald

I guess he must be felt sad at that moment. He requested the hairstylist to cut the hair tail properly as a souvenir for himself.

More hygiene than before. And it show that man should not keep long hair.

This guy was so funny as he requested the hairstylist to shave his mustache.

More than thirty staffs go bald. It's quite weird when everybody around me are bald. I need a time to adapt. Anyway, well done!!

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