Monday, May 9, 2011

Makeup remover

It was an enjoyable night as I was alone in my bedroom while Alvin was busy with his own 'business'. So, I decided to do some blogging regarding to my make-up remover steps since I was wearing makeup more than eight hours per day.

I had tried for almost five to six different types of eye and lip makeup remover and finally I found the Artistry Essentials eye & makeup remover which was recommended by my sister. And I honestly to said that it was the best one the I even met. It can easily and 100% removes the water proof eyeliner and mascara.

I also using the wet tissues to wipe off my foundation and face powder. I chose the baby wipes as my sister told me that baby products will be less chemical involve if compare to others.

Of course, wet tissues cleaning are not enough. I used Artistry Essentials gentle action makeup remover to make sure that I was 100% removed all my makeup.

And last step, Shu Uemura face moist to hydrate my after makeup skin

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ochikeron said...

yes! it is good for your skin to use the baby products!!! i heard that before from pro makeup artist!!!