Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Big Problem

Happy Wednesday. A mix of cloud and sun with the chance of thunderstorm at Kuching City.

Award from my sister, Roseline. I am not a great blogger as others. I think she gave the award for me maybe because I'm her sister. Anyway, I felt happy and surprised with the award. Thank you ^^

One of the big problem in my life is the black pores on nose. I am lack of confidence with the black pores. I don't know what causes the black pores since I cleaned my face twice a day. I had tried a lot of nose pack before this without any improvement. I only saw the removing effect when I used the previous nose pack for the first time. Black Bean Nose Pack from Skin Food is one of the nose pack that I used recently.

I already used the nose pack for almost 3-4 times. And it remains the good result since it ables to remove the black pores on my nose every times I used it.


ochikeron said...


Doesn't this pack removes your skin, too? I heard it will dry your skin, so you'd better not use it frequently. I understand you about the black pores. So do I have the same problem!!!

FJ said...

lol. you didn't do the 7 things about you...and you spelled my name wrongly. bad sista.

anGeLine said...

Hi Ochi,
Yes, it removes most of my black pores but not all. Will it dry my skin if I do it one day a week?

anGeLine said...

don angry. I miss 'e' in your name. I will correct it.