Monday, January 4, 2010

Presents from Alvin

Bread in bone shape for my dog, Didi.

Red belt for Didi. We will be using it during CNY.

Black belt.

We helped Didi to wear it. Didi liked the belt very much and felt comfortable when he wore it.

Body Glove's bag for my brother.

Badminton's racket for my youngest brother.

Mum was prepared a luxury dinner to welcome Alvin.


F.J. said...

Miss Angel...may I know how you know Didi is happy with the collarbelt? Lol...he can talk meh? Always interpret youself!

Jeanice said...

wah~~so envy u gt a such good bf...^^

Jeanice said...

wah~~so envy u gt a such good bf o..^^

anGeLine said...

fei jing,
If Didi dislike it, it will disturb that belt every moment but he din do that, hahahaha.

anGeLine said...

Yaya, I will appreciate him.

Cappuccino said...

wao~ ur mom so good de la..
prepare dinner for welcome alvin..
hope my mom also can like tat..

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hello Angel,

Sorry I've been busy as of late and have finally come here to read your wonderful blog posts. I enjoyed all of them from before New Years until now. Your photos are fun to look at! I see you are spoiling your Didi dog, I hope he's feeling better! No pork or chicken bones I see, the dog bone ok! Congrads on your new boyfriend! Hope you have a wonderful New Year!