Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy with it

Just back from vacation two days ago. Having a much fun when shopping with my sister, mum and Alvin. Alvin complained about his shoes yesterday night. He bought a new shoes before headed to my hometown. But his shoes was broken after shopping with me during the vacation.

I got a good results for the last examination even I'm not prepared well for it. I had some trouble and mentally disturbance during the examination. Thanks to God that I'm still able to get a good results. I will be study hard for the coming exam. I got a present from Alvin for my results~~~watch. A super expensive watch (for me) as I prefer to have a more cheaper watch.
Thank you, Alvin.


ochikeron said...

I just wonder, Alvin, your bf?!

I'm glad to hear that you had a good time with your family. How nice :D

anGeLine said...

hi Ochi,
yes...alvin is my new bf.

ochikeron said...

"NEW"?! When did you change your bf?! Did I know about it?! Wow!!!

anGeLine said...

hi ochi,
Yes, Alvin is my new boyfriend. I break with my ex-bf on September, that's why I stopped blogging on that time. And I also din mention about it in my blog. Hope you don't mine.