Sunday, January 3, 2010

A busy day


Having a lunch together with my father's friend and his family. He was my father old friend since they was young, coworker and even boss to my father. According to my father, he is a rich man with a million salary per month. He wanted a luxury restaurant for their lunch but small town doesn't has such restaurant. Finally, we went to the cafe to have our simple lunch. I'm quite stress having a lunch together with them.


Welcome Alvin to my home (Monday) and also Pre-Chinese New Year decoration.

Coffee's table ( Name given by my brother). Specially for the children who visit our house during CNY.

Mum was decorated the flowers.

After decoration---Great and beautiful.


F.J. said...

Nice! The way you guys arrange the furnitures...don't forget to take pictures of the presents from Alvin!

josephinechoo said... pretty!!!