Saturday, January 2, 2010

hair removal cream

I need a hair removal cream but I forgot to bring it back, so I decided to buy a new one.
The hair removal cream that I always used before.

Due to insufficient money, I decided to buy other branded hair removal cream as it is much cheaper than the cream I used before. In my opinion, it might have lower quality but I had to buy it because I need it now. My boyfriend will be headed to my home town on Monday and I will try my best to let myself as pretty as I can. Yeah~~

Hope it will be suitable for my skin.

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ochikeron said...

Happy new year anGeLine!!!

Yes, keep your self nice and cute for your bf!!! I try to do so, too!!! Like you wrote before, we don't know after several years... we might don't care about the hair any more... X( That can't be acceptable. he-he!

I hope this year brings you lot's of smiles and happiness!