Friday, March 6, 2009

Ending and The Begining

28- last day in the February
We went to the church to attend for youth meeting on Saturday's night. The title of the gathering was 'Birthday's party' to celebrate those their birthdays in between January until June.

Each of us can get an egg from Ning Jing. Eating an egg during birthday is one of the Chinese Traditional.

Birthday from January until December.

Shortest to tallest

Game's time
Tallest boy fight with shortest girl

Time to exchange the presents.

Enjoying our birthday's cake after youth gathering.

1st March 2009
We were having our lunch in Causeway Bay Hong Kong Restaurant which located inside the Crown Square.



Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Angel,

Loved your photos here. Your celebration reminds me of our Easter holiday here. Cute how you celebrate your birthdays! I'm still trying to figure out how your money converts to U.S. Dollars!

cappuccino said...

ur church at there so many members!!
haha..ur hair!!grow up lor..don cut liu hai again..kiki..