Friday, February 27, 2009

My holidays....


Shirley and I went to cut our hairs on Monday’s noon. Only man's hairstylist in the shop. It was terrible if we went to that shop alone.

Three of us cut our hairs.........S.H.E
It looks vague for this picture. All because of the Shirley’s bathroom mirror, hahahaha!! She did not wipe it after bath. Not only Shirley....Anne also share the bathroom with Shirley. That’s mean both of them did not wipe the mirror after bath. Lazy girls........hehehe!! (same with me)


I went to “Jalan Song” with my sister yesterday night!! “Jalan Song” is a famous area that has many delicious foods to eat. I never saw my sister since Chinese New Year and it was the first time we went out together at Kuching. She decided to go to “Jalan Song” because she never go there before. I drove motorcycle and fetched my sister in her school. It was quite dangerous and tired for me to drive motorcycle to there and it also far away from the place that we stay. We ordered many foods when we reached “Jalan Song” without considered the price of the foods that we ordered.

After we finished our dinner, we went to buy things!! I bought some hanger. My eldest sister gave me many beg on Chinese New Year and no place to hang the beg in my room. That’s why I needed to buy some hanger to hang it. There are low quality for the hanger. It can’t stick to the wall.

Then, we went to the “Cindy” shop. Each of us bought an ear rings. My ear rings was yellow in colour and my sister one was black in colour.

After that, we went to the “Amazing Pet”. I bought the Hamster Bathing Sand for my little hamster—Xiu Xiu. How to use it?? You just have to pour out the sand into small dish. And the hamster will clean itself with the sand. It can kill the bacteria, prevent the hamster’s fur from dropping off, and treat the hamster’s skin.

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