Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bad mood

Now is mid term break but I didn't go back to my home town. I worked as a part time tuition teacher since last year. For this semester, I have tuition classes on Monday's night, Tuesday's morning, Friday's morning and night!! I can earn RM80 for each classes (actually I hope that tuition centre can increase my monthly salary).

My boyfriend go for a trip with his family on last Sunday (22/2/09). They will go to Pulau Langkawi, Singapore, KL, Genting in this travelling. Today, they will having their flight to Singapore on 5pm. I felt unhappy when I heard that he wanted go Singapore. He can't contact me for two days. And I scar that he will meet with his ex-girlfriend in Singapore. Haiz...........
What happen to me?? I must confidence with my boyfriend, I must trust him. Can we meet someone easily in Singapore???????????


josephinechoo said...

Hi sis,

Be confident,okay??Singapore is a very big city,not that easy to bump into someone.

2 days will pass soon.Don't worry..

Jo A. T.B. said...

How wonderful you get to teach! Hang in there and you'll get your raise! Don't worry to much about boyfriend, he will miss you while gone! Stay confident in your young beauty!

anGeLine said...

hi jose,
He back now...maybe I think too much, hehe!!

anGeLine said...

Hi jo,
I teach just because want to earn some money....actually I don't like teaching, hehe!! I'm ok now, thank you!!