Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Valentine's Day

First time I celebrated Valentine's day with him even though we had been together for one and a half year. It was a wonderful and perfect Valentine for me and I will remember it forever and ever.
I thought that he gave me a tin as his Valentine's present at first, but when I opened it, it contained chocolate and a pair of ear rings.


Jade's ear rings........

He also bought me a 'Body Glove' shirt.

The presents that I bought to my boyfriend. I bought him a 'Padini' shirt and 'Emilio Valentino' short pant. Looked at him, he felt tired for this few days. He came to Kuching to accompany and celebrate Valentine with me. Thank you.....dear!!

We celebrated our Valentine's night by having a dinner at San Francisco Grill. It was a romantic restaurant which the inner of the restaurant decorated with the flowers and love for those couple to enjoy their dinner well.

Valentine's menu:
1) Hawaiian Prawn Cocktail

2) Fresh Oyster Ctream Soup with Dry Sherry

3) Roasted Spring Chicken

4) Dessert- no name for it

A rose for lady.

After we finished our dinner, we went to cinema at the Parkson, Crown Plaza there to watch a movie. We chose to watch 'Ong Bak 2' with his friend. This movie is a Thailand movie.........The ending of this movie was so...........bad!!


Jo A. T.B. said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I too had chocolate, and lunch out! My favorite was the chocolate, dark chocolate!

anGeLine said...

Hi Jo,
yes, I have a wonderful Valentine's day!! Chocolate also my favourite...hehe!!

ochikeron said...

Same as jo, I was just going to say your day was wonderful!!! How nice the way your boyfriend gave you the earrings!!! I wish my boyfriend do that to me!

anGeLine said...

Hi Ochi,
I also surprised with the way he gave me the present, hehe!! Anyway, I felt happy that we can celebrated Valentine's day together.

ah bo said...

wasei..nice valentine date ya..kiki
the present for him oso nice too^^
2gether xin fu ya^^

anGeLine said...

lee ching,
hehe, you also very xing fu.
then we xing fu together lo.