Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Salary received!

For 4 classes, my salary suppose to be RM290 after minus two PTP t-shirt (actual price was RM320). But I only received RM210 after minus the t-shirt prices. Oh, I'm really angry with this. How come they do their work in such way!!! Salary very important for the worker and they cant cut the salary without any notice. It would influence our future performance.

I went out again with my sister. We went to Sarawak Plaza shopping center. I bought a blue jacket which cost RM17.90. Before Chinese New Year, the price of it was RM2+. I wanted bought it at that moment but it was quite expensive for me. But now I have it already with the lower price.

Bata shoe—RM10.50 after discount 70%!! Actual price was RM35. My sister also bought one which was black in color. She wanted brown color but no more size for her. We like this shoe because it has same pattern with my eldest sister shoe ( the shoe she brought back when Chinese New Year).

I only spent RM28.40 to buy the items that I dreamed. Happy and sweet!!


ochikeron said...

Congrats, anGeLine!!!
Seems like you are having a lot of fun shopping!!!

I thought I was following your blog, but I just realized that I wasn't!!! I added you immediately ;)

anGeLine said...

Hi ochi,
Ya, I like shopping very much, hehe!!
And thanks for following my blog. Take care....

Jo A. T.B. said...

I always get excited when I find a good deal. Seems you're a very smart shopper. Sorry I've been missing your blog as of late!

cappuccino said...

nice jacket..
and you are always a smart shopper!
if me,i wll buy it immediately if i love it..haha~~!