Thursday, February 17, 2011

Candle Light Dinner

I believed that every couples felt excited especially on the Valentine's day. Same as other, I am superb happy since it was my first time celebrated the Valentine's day with Alvin due to last year, Valentine's day was fall on the first day of Chinese New Year and we were celebrated the Chinese New Year with our own family.
It was a working day on the Valentine's day. As usual, I went to work early in the morning. But I get ready back to my home earlier to prepare myself for the Valentine's celebration.

My outfit on the Valentine's day. I only used the eyelash at the night just to let my skin has a rest since I had make-up for whole day. And the handbag that I hold was my Valentine's gift, Alain Delon handbag gave by Alvin the day before.

We went to the Habour View Hotel to have our Candle Light Dinner. There was RM 135.00++ per couple. More chearper if compared to the other restaurants.
Prawn Cocktail. I forgot to take the photo and the photo above was my half-way eating.

I'm not sure whether it is a cocktail or mocktail.

Cream of Mushroom Soup. Alvin's favourite

Fillet of Sea Bass, served with Steamed Vegetables and Oriental Rice. There was another choice for us - Grilled Half Baby Boneless Chicken 'Maryland' but both of us decided to choose the sea bass.

Heart to Heart Orange Cheese Cake.

There was a free flower given for all the couples in the restaurant. Alvin saved his spending to buy the flower for me ==

It was a great memories for both of us. Wish all of your days is a Valentine's day with your beloved one.


josephinechoo said...

Wow!!! Romantic dinner!! Alvin really treated you so nice,I guess he is the one for you.

The bag is your own selection or Alvin choose it for you?The design looked mature..but stylish and suit for work.

ochikeron said...

You look gorgeous anGeLine!!!
You really don't wear makeup?! Beautiful!!!

I LOVE the way the dishes are presented with a lot of hearts :D Good choice, Alvin! He is great ;)

anGeLine said...

Dear Sister,

The bag was chosen by Alvin. Hehe. Ya, a little bit mature but i will use it.

anGeLine said...

Hi Ochi,

Ya, I didn't make-up, maybe because the camera light make my skin looks bright and smooth.