Saturday, December 18, 2010

Disco Night

Same as others, Hilton also having their annual dinner last Thursday's night. And the theme of the dinner is disco night after the staff's voting.

Stage's decoration. Decorated by Public Relation Department. Exactly match with the theme.

Once you attended the dinner, you will get:

Blowers with the eye costume (Eye costume was not in the picture as I had lost it during the night). Well, you will asking the usefulness of the blowers. It was used to blow when you need to response the DJ, when you felt existed and great =="

Everrise Supermarket voucher-RM 50. I'm still thinking how to spend the cash voucher ^^

The most lucky was I won the lucky draws -single door fridge. I am soooooooooo surprised when I saw my name in the name list since I never has such luck before. My first time and continuously.....haha.


cHoO_cHOo said...

show girl of the lucky le..

FJ said...

LOL...damn lucky la you!!! By the way, I actually think the party was great!! Cool idea!!

ochikeron said...

Sounds really exciting!!! Are you sitting on the fridge you won?! hehe

anGeLine said...

yaya, I am so lucky. wakaka

anGeLine said...

Hi Ochi,
I sat on the fridge to snap some photos for memory. Hope the luck will be with me every moment -^

Cappuccino said...

wish the luck be with u for the following years dear !!