Monday, November 22, 2010

My Current Life

I'm back after my previous post since five months ago. Life still keep on going even I had stopped blogging. And now, there was 360 degree changes on my life.

I am graduated

Someone had said it before: "We always imagine and expect for wonderful future life. When we are experience on it, we will never savor the process. But when it was past, we started to review it back". That was my recent life. When I woke up, December is ahead.

I continued to work at Hilton Hotel one week after my industrial training. Reality life of works are totally different with what I am thinking of. It's full of stress, complicated relationship with the colleagues, mostly on problem solving and lack of sleep.

Anyway, cheer your day up with a BIG SMILE ^^


josephinechoo said...

Wow..finally you blog again!! Waiting this for quite long...

Working life is like you mentioned.Everyone had the same experiences before,the only thing is how you're going to cope it.

Great post & keep continue.

ochikeron said...

Yes! Finally ;) I'm glad to see you back here!!!

Yes... There are many goods and bads out at work... but everything is an experience. Oh, I am saying to myself, too :P

Rashai said...