Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1st day of my practical

Happy Wednesday
I had started my practical training yesterday from 5pm to 12am. You may ask about my working hours. Yes, I work as a waitress of the wedding reception for one week since Hilton was lack of staff on this Gawai Festival. I will be arrange to financial department after this.

My outfit as a waitress

Tell you something.....I had broken a bowl yesterday, haha. Luckily, nobody notice about it ^^ As a customer, you may enjoy someone to serve you but you don't know how tired the waitress/waiter is. However, I get a good experience from it.


josephinechoo said... looked great in your new outfits..

By the way,you looked fatter now.

ochikeron said...

AnGel, you look nice and professional!!!

Be careful ;P

anGeLine said...

haha.....I will become thin after practical. Too tired for me. I need to stand for 5-6 hours. And serve the customers....

anGeLine said...

Thanks......I will be careful ^^

FJ said...

OMG! What an outfit! Wow~ Hehe...gambateh!

cHoO_cHOo said...

lol..Hilton do know how to fully use their staff

Cappuccino said...

hahaha.. broke a bowl hor..
gambate !!