Thursday, March 11, 2010


Happy Thursday ^^

Yesterday morning, I went to interview for my practical training at Hilton Hotel. I am super happy when the person who in charge told me that: "See you at 31 May." So, it means that I had being accepted as their trainee.

Night view of Hilton Hotel. I am so excited to start my practical training.

My boyfriend, Alvin had bought me a new hand phone--Sony Ericsson c902. C902 is well-equipped with 5-mega pixel Cyber-shot camera. It is suitable for me as I like to take photos. Thank you, Alvin.


josephinechoo said...

wow~~ the cellphone is cool!!! The design is nice and really suit you.

anGeLine said...

hehe...yaya. I like it very much. and the camera is touch skrin. cool!!

Anonymous said...

wah yr english got improvement!!! Good good... jia you!!!

FJ said...

hell shit to you too. I just saw that cellphone in the shop i went. it has the features i wanted it to has. if im not mistaken, this cellphone has wifi right? can go online with it! gawd...damn shit to you lo! next time, i find a richer bf. give house as present! XD haha...joking la...congrats on the new cellphone. lol. still cant believe that alvin actually wasted money on you and baby choo!