Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hometown again~~~

Alvin, Baby (my sister) and I were decided to head back to my hometown again yesterday since Friday was a public holiday. It was a good time to gather with family and have a reunion dinner for the last day of CNY

These photos were taken during CNY. Alvin framed and hanged them at sitting room. My mum told me that sitting room was not a suitable place for the family picture and she will change the photo's position again.

Sparkling Green Apple, non-alcoholic---Product from Spain. Alvin took it from karaoke when he was karaoke-ing with his brother

Time for dinner

Dishes of food that were prepared by my mum

My favorite~pork with sour taste

Jo: I was eating your favorite vegetable

We were sitting in front of Nam Leong (one of the supermarket at my hometown) and snapped some photos.

Have a great time with your family^^


ochikeron said...

Wow! How nice! Did Alvin join your family during the CNY?!

So, it means the photos I saw the other day were taken by him?! He-he :D

Nice photo frames!!! I love how he arranged.

anGeLine said...

Alvin din join us during CNY. So, we decided to go back again for the last day of CNY.
The photos during CNY were taken by my sister, Jo.

Cappuccino said...

so nice bf can go home wif u n pato..huhu..