Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fetch my father

Happy Saturday

My mum, Alvin and I went to fetch my dad at his workplace this morning.

There is highway to my dad workplace.

Alvin was speeding (but not his best record)

Dad was waiting us at this jetty. According to mum, we have to cross the river and it takes one more hour to reach my dad workplace.

Mum and Alvin took a photo with the local Iban.

We also went sightseeing at Kanowit town and snapped some photos. Kanowit is a small town near to my father workplace.

*Just want to show that I have been here

Alvin with my dad and mum

Time to go home


FJ said...

lol...why you guys always have the best and funnest time when im nt at home? ==

anGeLine said... la. Don jealous. Huhu.

ochikeron said...

Your mom is really cute and young :D

I can imagine you had a really good time with your parents!!!

anGeLine said...

Hi ochi,
Yes, my mum looks young, hehe. Hope that I will stay younger when I get older.

Cappuccino said...

sweet family!!