Monday, December 14, 2009

My dog

My dog, Didi felt sick today. He vomited everything that he had ate today. I suggested to bring him to veterinary hospital but scolded by my mom. Didi started to stay in our house since he was puppy. Now he stayed outside instead of in our house once he grew older. He wished to come in but my mum won't allowed since he brought alone the dirt and dust from outside. My suggestion was to bring him to veterinary hospital once he was abnormal. Maybe because we don't know what will happen to him and of course Didi won't and was not able to speak to us that he was sick
Actually Didi was goofy dog. We always provide good food and water to him but he likes to drink water in the drain. As you all knew, drain water was polluted with hand soap and bad bacterias . This cause him vomits.
Hope he will get well after tonight.


ochikeron said...

He is sooooo cute :D

I'm sorry to hear this but I hope he gets well!!!

Jo A. T.B. said...

You must take Didi to the Vet if he's not well within a day. He may have a very bad disease called parvo. Does he have shots? You must take good care of your baby, he's a beautiful dog. Don't let him drink from drain, keep him away from it! Didi is adorable!

anGeLine said...

Hi Jo,
Didi getting well now. Thanks...