Sunday, December 13, 2009

My birthday presents

It was my first birthday present which from my boy friend. It is gold necklace with the heart. It means he gives his heart to me.

Charles & Keith wallet from my sister, Josephine. She bought it from Singapore.

Dress from Lai Mei. She bought it from KL.

Watch from Bobo and Kathy

Cake from Kim Hing Bakery

'Silky Girl' BB cream from Shirley, Anne and Mei Chin

Present from Ning Jing. 'Pray always' behind the back of the toy. She wants to remind me to pray all the times.

Ingredients for the steamboat.....It was the present from my mom and family.


Thank you to my friends and family.


ochikeron said...

Wow! What a nice birthday! Happy birthday to you again!!!

Your bf is cool!!!

Do you cook that by yourself at home?! Gorgeous dinner :D

anGeLine said...

Hi ochi,
thank you. No, dinner cooked by my mum,hehe. I quite weak in cooking.