Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why such thing happen??

My sister's hand phone stolen by thief!! I wanted to scold that thief~"78"....
My sister lost her hand phone when we were shopping at Times Square. We were busy choosing for the clothes that we didn't realised that sister's hand phone had been stolen by thief!! My sister had to buy a new hand phone with new phone card.

Before this, we were enjoyed with our shopping and took many pictures so that we could update it on our blog. We took pictures when we were having our lunch at "Kim Gary Restaurant" and Masked Riders which had showed at Sungei Wang. Masked Riders is my younger brother's favourite cartoon. Because of this, we tried our best to take the pictures of the Masked Riders.

But the pictures had been stolen. I hate that thief!!!

Sister.......never mind. Ken will buy the new hand phone for you. Don't be sad.

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