Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Birthday’s presents

11 December 2008 was my 21st birthday!! I received five birthday’s presents from my family and friends.

First present that I received was from my sister. It was “Za” sunscreen with SPA40+PA+++

This clothes was a gift from my sister’s boyfriend, Ken...........branded Scarlet. He bought from Jusco which located at Sunway Pyramid.Actually I saw this clothes at Jusco near Wangsa Maju there but the clothes was not in good conditions. Then Ken brought me to the Jusco at Mid Valley but couldn't find it. Finally we found it at Sunway Pyramid.

Ling, Ken is a good guy........he respect our family and you must appreciate him.

Moisturizing treatment, moisturizing conditioner, moisturizing express, and moisturizing shampoo which branded ‘ezo’ was a gift from my lovely boyfriend, hehe!! He said he would buy more expensive present for me if he won the lottery the night before my birthday.

Never mind because I like it and I need it now.........

My friends, ah bui’s family.........kathy, lee ching, jonathan(lee ching’s bf) and ah dong gave me hamster as a present. They also bought the hamster’s food for me. Why they bought hamster for me?? Because they scared that I will feel boring after anne and shirley move away.

T-shirt form Shirley, anne, ning jing and mei jing which branded nicole and soda........!!! These two t-shirts exactly fit me. I guessed these two t-shirts bought by anne from Boulevard at Miri.

Thank you to all my friends and family....muaks!!

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