Friday, February 19, 2010

My outfits

These were my outfits during Chinese New Year.

1st day of CNY. First day is supposed to wear red color clothes but I did not bought any. This is why I wore a black dress. Some people told me that I looked fat with the dress. Yes, I do and I accepted the critics. I will keep fit after CNY.

2nd day. Black again. I think I looked slimmer in this outfit.

3rd day. I am most satisfied with this. Looked pretty and mature. Am I?


ochikeron said...

You look beautiful! Nice dresses!!! Yep! You look mature, too. Did your bf took these pics? Very nice :D

anGeLine said...

hi ochi,
Thanks for your praise. My sister, Josephine took all these pictures.

ochikeron said...

I made a wrong guess, but the pictures are really nice!

I'm glad to see you back here :D