Sunday, January 31, 2010

GB with full of mistakes!!

Happy Sunday.

Reached my sweet home after attended for the 'basic officers' training' of the Girls' Brigade since yesterday. Yes....I am Girls' Brigade warrant officer after the training. Unbelievable!!

That was me with GB's shirt.

All of us just sat at there and pay full attention to the trainer. Can you imagine how bored am I?? But luckily we had a drill session in the evening. GB emphasizes the girls' discipline. And you know me. I lived alone and far away from my home without being controlled by anyone. So, a lot of mistakes made by me, Shirley and another two trainees.

1. That two trainees talking when the trainer was teaching. So, they being scolded by the trainer in front of girls. So embarrassed.

2. One of the trainee is an old woman. When we paid our training's fee to the person in charges, the old trainee wanted a receipt. I helped her to ask about the receipt but scolded by the person. They scolded me:"Where got receipt for the camp?" Hey, I knew it, I was helping the old woman, please!!!!!

3. Trainer said: " Don't leave the camp until you finish the training." Shirley and I went back to our home to take a bath. Broke the rules.

4. After bathing and back to the camp, they were finished their dinner without saved some of it for us. I'm felt angry and asked them in an impolite way. Oh, no!!! I acted in such way because I'm hungry. Sorry.....

5. When we took the pictures together with the girls and officers, that two trainees made mistakes again. Both of them were rejected to take a picture and said: "We learn nothing in here and shame to take picture!!" What???? Learn nothing wasn't me but I'm sure they were included me and Shirley in it.

But it was a good training for me, truly from my heart even I unsatisfied with some of the people and things.

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