Friday, January 22, 2010

Busy+tired, but HAPPY

Happy Friday!!

I went to re-bonding my hair yesterday. My day became more wonderful with my new lipstick~~

Am I pretty with my new lipstick?? Hehe...

While waiting for the hair saloon to operate, we went shopping~~fully used my time. There is Green F.O.S outlet near the saloon. A lot of branded products in the outlet.

I bought a Roxy long pant which costs only RM48.

Time to re-bonding my hair.

Looked funny with this hairstyle. Actually the hairstylist was drying my hair.

My new hairstyle.

Preparing for Chinese New Year, Yeah!!


FJ said...

your hair looked FLAT! haha

ochikeron said...

Is your family going to gather together in CNY?

Nice and straight!!!
But your hair looks straight without rebonding!!!

anGeLine said...

Hi ochi,
yes, we will be gather together for coming Chinese New Year.
I straighten my hair before, that's why my hair looks straight before re-bonding. Just want to make it more straight before CNY.