Thursday, July 9, 2009

Always remember

My boyfriend:
-not a handsome guy
-not a rich guy

BUT he always keep his promises!!! He promises me that he will go on tour with me at the end of the year. Yes....he keeps his promises now. We will go on tour with his friends on November. I like kinds of guys who always keep their promises. I love him so much!!!


josephinechoo said...


That's good.Tour to where??

ochikeron said...

How nice!!!
Where do you go?!

I hope my bf also keeps his promises. It is something I need to believe!

andrew2tw said...

wish happiness oways b around with u

anGeLine said...

Hi sister,
we tour to KL and genting only!! Just tour for few days!!

anGeLine said...

Hi Ochi,
we go to west Malaysia--Kuala Lumpur and genting hinglands!!
I agree....girls need bf who keep their promises!!

anGeLine said...

Hi andrew,
Thank you!! Wish you happy always.

Jo A. T.B. said...

He seems like a handsome guy! Yes promises are meant to kept. Isn't love just grand!

Cappuccino said...

kiki.. its a happy thing when see best friend meet such a nice guy.

wish you happy always^^

Anonymous said...

yea yea....i also like~