Monday, March 23, 2009

Ah chuan's birthday

His name is ah chuan ( nick name ). Today is his birthday and friends from UNIMAS invited me and Shirley to go to their school to celebrate for his birthday. But I rejected for their invitation because I have tuition class for tonight and tomorrow morning. It quite tired for me if I go to their school. It needs 45 minutes to reach their school. And Shirley also feel tired for this few days, sure she don't want go. I'm also out of my budget for this month.

This picture was taken since last year birthday. We bought a shoe as his birthday's present.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to you.


ochikeron said...

He looks happy! So you didn't give anything this year?

Anyway, take care! You sound busy!!!

PS Thanks about jose ;)

anGeLine said...

Hi ochi,
Ya, I din give any present to him this year. I also can't meet with him.
You also take care.