Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thinking about CNY

Raining, raining and raining.Haiz.........
Kuching kept raining this few days, and it would be difficult for me to go out.

I will go back to my hometown on next Wednesday. Actually I have class on Thursday but I still make a decision to go back earlier. I can accompany my mum to fetch my sister and Ken at Sibu and my younger sister at Serian. I feel very happy now because Chinese New Year is coming soon(on 25 January). At that time, I can wear my new dresses, shoes, make up and use new bag, hehe.
I hope I can have a wonderful CNY with my family, friends and boyfriend. And hope it wouldn't be raining again on CNY.


ochikeron said...

So you are going to see jose on 25th? How nice your family gather together!!!

Is Ken you said, jose's boyfriend?

anGeLine said...

Thank you!!
ya.....ken is jose's boyfriend.