Friday, October 24, 2008

Raining night

It was raining yesterday night!! I had tuition and shirley sent me to tuition because she wanted attending to prayer meeting.

After I finished my tuition, it still raining outside there. Shirley can’t fetch me. Mr.Voon who is the pincipal and the owner to the tuition centre sent me back. Maybe because only one boy and one girl inside the car.......

He asked me: “how the Sarikei houses look like”????

Haiz........we know la, Sarikei is a small town and suddenly got someone ask me the question about Sarikei, it makes me feels that he thought Sarikei is a jungle or kampong!!!!!! You know how I answered his question, hehe ^.^ I answered that Sarikei houses very beautiful and all look like new houses.


He asked me again: “how your house look like”???

I answered him that my house wasn’t new house but compound of my house very big.


This guy asked me again: “ why your sound like this”??

He said I like to cry when I was young, that’s why my sound became like this.

Haiyo.........guys!! Pls don’t ask all this questions in this stiff situation.


cHoO_cHOo said...

Better dont follow anyone when you are alone..
Nobody will knw what will happen eventhhough he is a principal.
Principal also guy ba..'kch NO BRAIN' GUY..

anGeL said...

no la!! better followed him, if not, I have to walked back.